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AL’s focus on consistency and repeatability provides confidence to our medical partners that they will receive products that meet their specifications, every time.

Change Management

At AL we understand the correlation between executing a robust change management program and producing quality products consistently.  AL offers both standard and custom validation/verification protocols to ensure the correct level of priority exists between process control, design specifications and customers’ expectations.  Our manufacturing processes are designed to have the appropriate level of control and verification to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


Quality Control

AL utilizes SPC to measure/monitor overall process adherence to customer specifications.  If an out of spec condition should present itself, AL will leverage its robust CAPA process to ensure proper containment, resolution, and verification of effectiveness.  This ensures suspect product stays within AL and does not escape.

Supply Chain Management

AL employs a risk-based supply chain management process that promotes an uninterrupted supply of high quality raw materials and components.


Controlled Manufacturing Environment

AL has over 25,000 sq/ft of climate controlled manufacturing space, this is readily expandable to 75,000 sq/ft.  


Unique Prototyping Strategy

Due to AL’s extensive list of manufacturing equipment within our facilities, we can offer our medical customers rapid low-cost prototyping strategies.  This gives our medical customers an opportunity to move through concept, characterization and verification phases much more efficiently.


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